Upcoming Events

The Geekery loves attending conventions and markets all over Vancouver Island and Vancouver, and I would love to see you there too! These are all of the events I will be at in the future where you can purchase awesome nerdy gifts from me without the hassle of shipping! 

If you know of any other shows in the general area, please feel free to message or email me about them! I am always looking for new shows so I highly appreciate the information ♥


September 14/15 - The Geekery Pop-Up Shop - Nanaimo, BC 

September 20-22 - Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo - Edmonton, AB (Yes, this is The Geekery's first OUT OF PROVINCE event!) 

October 19/20 - Victoria's Ultimate Hobby and Toy Fair - Victoria, BC

November 3 - Vancouver Comic and Toy Show - Vancouver, BC

November 16 - Wellington Hall Market - Nanaimo, BC

November 22/23 - Randerson Ridge Craft Fair - Nanaimo, BC 

November 22 - Geeky Christmas Market - Courtenay, BC 

December 20/21 - Wellington Hall Market - Nanaimo, BC



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